49 ft Cabin Cruiser

Boat Details

Length 49 ft
Speed 22 mph

Trip Details

We focus on chartering our boat to private groups of people which guarantees excellent personal service. Our boat is fully air-conditioned and features 6 sleeping accommodations, 2 showers, 2 toilets and a kitchen. Optional - On our front deck you can even enjoy a massage from a pro masseur!

She features six sleeping places inside the air-conditioned cabin with sofa's, fresh water showers, toilets and a kitchen. Outside you can relax on our spacious sundeck or enjoy the shade while we prepare the grill! We offer half and full day trips as well as the possibility to charter per hour. You can celebrate your birthday on board or host a business event, have a family get-away or a boat party with friends and so much more! With a friendly, local crew you will experience an unforgettable day on the water.

We advise you to wear swimwear and bring your sunscreen, flip-flops, sunglasses and a lot of energy! Depending on your preferences, you should bring food and drinks too, which you can store in our fridge, freezer and ice-filled jugs. We have snorkel sets on board.

Our prices are based on chartering the boat for your group only: 100 % privacy guaranteed. For Klein Curacao & the west coast our max. payload is 18 persons, for Fuikbay, Spanish Water and other trips within territorial waters this is 23 persons (2 children below the age of 5 count for 1 adult). Prices are excluding food & drinks but those may be taken on board. We are more than happy to serve your catering needs.

We have an hourly rate of USD 150 which includes captain, crew and full use of all cooling facilities on board.

Catering (Food & Drinks):

Alcoholic beverages available for purchase on board (beer/wine 3$, mixed drink 5$)

We always discuss the menu with the customer beforehand, to be sure they get what they want and to be aware of any dietary wishes.

Usually, the cost of food and drinks (not including alcoholic beverages) is around 50$ per person.

FOOD: We would love to hear what our customers would like to eat, We don't want to serve lasagna to someone who'd rather eat baked potatoes (for example).

If you would like to add food, kindly advise about allergies, veggies or vegans, gluten-free, etc.

Usually, Food Menu includes:
- Bruschetta with freshly baked bread
- garlic bread freshly baked
- bbq chicken skewers 
- bbq beef skewers
- bbq veggie skewers
- cold pasta salad
- baked potato

*The bruschetta is a pre-lunch snack.
*Fruit will be an after-lunch snack

DRINKS: Include but are not limited to, soft drinks (coke, sprite, etc.).

Juices of our customers' choice.

And any other preferences our customers might have!

We've managed to drastically cut our food costs so we lowered the price per person from $41. This will include soft drinks.

Up to 4-hour trips, we charge $15 per person, per hour for the open bar.

For trips that are longer than 4 hours, we charge a flat rate of $41 per person for the open bar for the whole trip.

The menu is subject to change. We have ridiculous price fluctuations on the island because of the after-effects of COVID. Everything has to be flown or shipped in and logistics are screwed up and prices have skyrocketed. To be able to keep the price per person at $41, we sometimes have to adjust the menu a little bit. No big changes but for example, we often exchange the beef skewers for hamburgers.

Half Day Private Charter

  • $700 USD
  • NOTE: $ 700 for Half day trip, Excluding food and drinks. Maximum 18 people (2 children count as 1 adult).

    Snacks & Soft Drinks: The snacks & soft drinks are $15 per person.

    Standard snacks are:
    - Bruschetta
    - Garlic bread
    - BBQ chicken skewers

    *We can make changes according to the guest's preferences!

    Open Bar: $ 15 per hour p/p

    Includes: Crew captain & boat rent!

    NOTE: We usually do not do full meals on half-day charters, we do several rounds of snacks instead. The reason for this is in the preparation of the food.

    We have to be at anchor for a couple of hours to safely prepare the meal on board and to comfortably eat. Most guests don't like having to be at anchor for about half of the trip, waiting for food... makes sense, so we do a few rounds of snacks instead, this way there's no wait and the guests can get their money worth.

Extra hour(s) 150 USD, Snacks & Soft Drinks p/p 15 USD, Open Bar (per hour rate) p/p 15 USD

Klein Curacao Full Day (9 Hrs)

  • $950 USD
  • You would like to visit a true bounty island? Klein Curacao is a bounty island at 1,5 hour sailing from Curacao. It is the place of everyone’s dreams with white sandy beaches, a crystal blue sea and a lot of turtles

     Price: $ 950 for a full-day trip, Excluding food and drinks.

    Maximum 18 people (2 children count as 1 adult).

    Open Bar: $ 41 USD p/p

    Food & Soft Drinks: $ 41 p/p
Extra hour(s) 150 USD, Food & Soft Drinks p/p 41 USD, Open Bar p/p 41 USD

Spanish Water And Fuik Baai

  • $950 USD
  • Visit these famous bays on the East coast of the Island on this full-day trip.

    Price: $ 950 for a full day trip, Excluding food and drinks.

    Maximum 23 people (2 children count as 1 adult).

    Open Bar:
    $ 41 p/p

    Food & Soft Drinks: $ 41 p/p
Extra hour(s) 150 USD, Food & Soft Drinks p/p 41 USD, Open Bar p/p 41 USD

Full day trip to Westcoast

  • $1118 USD
    - water
    - either ice tea or juice
    - snorkel gear (upon request)
    - towels
    - You are warm welcome to bring your own food and beverages, in this case, free use of the onboard fridge and cooler with ice.

    EXCLUDES: Excluding food and drinks.

    Open Bar: $ 41 p/p

    Food & Soft Drinks: $ 41 p/p
Extra hour(s) 150 USD, Food & Soft Drinks p/p 41 USD, Open Bar p/p 41 USD